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Best and shortest way is to enter the army with a Bachelors degree and then apply as officer cadet
HND too will get you a chief warrant officer.

Read all about the requirements here.


  1. Regular Commission (Army/Navy/Air Force Career Officers)

a. General Eligibility - Eligible applicant should:

(1) Be a Ghanaian citizen by birth.

(2) Be of good character.

(3) Be not less than 20 years and not more than 25 years by 30 May 2013 for Regular

(4) Be medically fit by Ghana Armed Forces’ standard.

(5) Be not bonded.

(6) Be not married.

(7) Be of minimum height of 1.68m (5’ 6”) for males and 1.57m (5’ 2”) for females.

(8) In addition to all above, candidate must have obtained credits in Core English, Core
Mathematics and Core Science at SSSCE or equivalent examination.

b. Army - Regular Officer Candidates. Applicants must have a Degree or Diploma or
HND from a recognized university/Polytechnic in any of the following:
(Note: Diploma in a single subject and/or in Business Studies are not acceptable).

(1) Arts.

(2) Social Science.

(3) Pure Science/Agriculture or Applied Science.

(4) Administration (HR/Accts/Banking & Fin/Marketing).

(5) Civil/Mechanical/Electrical/Electronic/Chemical/Geological Engineering.

(6) Architecture/Building Technology.

(7) Computer Science/Computer Engineering/Computer Programming/Networking/System

(8) Telecommunication Engineering.

(9) Archival/Information Studies.

(10) Physical/Health & Recreational Education.

(11) Public Relations/Journalism/Communication Studies/Cinematography.

(12) English/French/Spanish/Arabic.

(13) Music (Staff-reading, Conducting, Orchestrating, Wind Instruments).

c. Arms/Corps. Applicants are to indicate their preference from the following options:

(1) Teeth Arms.

(a) Infantry.

(b) Armour.

(c) Artillery.

(2) Signal Corps. A Degree/HND from a recognized University/Polytechnic in any of the following:

(a) Telecommunication Engineering.

(b) Computer Science.

(c) Information Technology.

(d) Computer Security/Forensics.

(e) Physics.

(f) Microsoft Certified System Engineering.

(g) Microsoft Certified Database Administration.

(h) CISOO Certified Network Associate.

(3) Engineer Corps. A Degree/HND from a recognized University/Polytechnic in any of the following:

(a) Civil Engineering.

(b) Electrical Engineering.

(c) Quantity Surveying.

(d) Architecture/Building Technology.

(4) Services.

(a) Supply and Transport (S&T).

(b) Ordnance.

(c) Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (EME).

(d) Public Relations.

(e) Education.

(f) Pay.

(g) Military Police.

(h) Band.

(i) Physical Training and Sports.

(j) Information Technology/Data Processing.

d. Navy - Regular Officer Candidates.

(1) Executive Branch.

(a) A Degree/Diploma in Nautical Science from the Regional Maritime University.

(b) A Degree/Diploma in Mathematics, Pure Science, Geography, Statistics or
Computer Science from a recognized University.

(c) A Degree/Diploma in Oceanography or Geomatic Engineering from a recognized

(2) Technical Branch.

(a) A Degree in Civil, Marine, Mechanical or Electrical/Electronic Engineering from a
recognized University.

(b) A Degree in Naval Architecture.

(3) Supply and Secretarial Branch. A Degree or Diploma/HND from a recognized
University/Polytechnic or equivalent professional institution in any of the following:

(a) Administration (HR/Accts/Marketing/Banking & Fin).

(b) Commerce.

(c) Secretaryship.

(d) Economics.

(e) Management Studies.

(f) Purchasing & Supply/CIPS.

(g) Public Relations/Journalism/Communication Studies.

(h) Band.

e. Air Force - Regular Officer Candidates.

(1) Air Branch. A Degree in Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Geography,
Statistics, Computer Science, Aeronautical or Agricultural Engineering from a recognized University.

(2) Supply Branch. A Degree from a recognized University or equivalent professional institution in the following:

(a) Administration (Accts).

(b) Economics.

(c) Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) - Final Part.

(3) Administration Branch. A Degree from a recognized University or equivalent professional institution in any of the following:

(a) Administration. (HR/Accts/Banking & Finance)

(b) Arts or Social Science.

(c) Public Relations/Journalism/Communication Studies.

(d) Law.

(e) Physical/Health and Recreational Education.

(f) Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administration (ICSA) - Final Part.

(4) Engineering Branch. A Degree from a recognized University in the following:

(a) Aeronautical Engineering.

(b) Electrical Engineering.

(c) Electronic Engineering.

(d) Mechanical Engineering.

(e) Agricultural Engineering.

(f) Computer Engineering.

(g) Aerospace Engineering.

  1. Rank on Commission. - Army, Navy and Air Force Regular candidates will be commissioned as Lieutenant, Sub-Lieutenant and Flying Officer respectively on successfully completing of their training at the Ghana Military Academy.
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your education will be a wassce holder since staff sergeant is a senior non commisioned officer. it falls under other rank category.

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