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I've been talking everyday to my girlfriend I met 4 months ago. When I message her, and if she doesn't reply after 8-10 hrs or at all, I just end up getting freaking out. Me and her usually talk everyday. and she always get back to me except the last few times. I'm scared that she might be getting bored of me. This keeps happening with every girlfriend I had

1. Should I just get unemotionally attach to women I talk to to save me the heartache and nervousness of her not reply at the moment?
2. Is she getting bored of me? How do I keep the excitement alive?
3. How often do you and your significant other talk? (everyday? every other day? etc?) and for how long? (1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs, etc?)
4. If your significant other says he/she needs space, how would you take it? my ex girlfriend said that and she ended up cheating on me.

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Boyfriend and girlfriend is a fragile time. There's no commitment, and if you are too young (16-25) it's easy to get bored and move on. Depending on the girl you've attracted, she will come with a level of maintenance. She might need more space, more money, more time, more logic, more emotion, more masculinity, more femininity, more God, no God, more penis, more vagina, more purpose, more freedom... Everyone is different.

You sound a bit like me. You want to grab a hold of her and not let her go because they all slip through your hands. Your daily interaction makes you high maintenance too. I think your best bet would be to go on more dates. Only contact her when there's something important going on. The romantic "ILY" just doesn't fly with most types of women these days. Lastly, I think you should be prepared for another break; not that you did anything wrong, but it sounds like she's already made other people a higher priority than you.

Good luck.
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