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I lost my brother 12 years ago when I was 2 years old, he was killed so it was very sudden and I'm 14 now and only just beginning to grieve, is this normal?

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Yes it is normal to grieve now.
At 2 you had very little or no context of what the grieving of your brothers death was about. At 2 your grieving was an extention of the sadness you felt around you. You however had no understanding of what his lose of life meant. Now you understand life and relationships, you may have a concept of a religious priciple... There are just many more things that you understand that cause you to be sad that he is gone.
If you speak to your Mom each year on his birthday she may still have cry private cry. Or there may be things she sees you (or her other children) that for a silent moment may make her wonder what he wonder have be like had he lived cause a private bit of grief.
Your Dad also likely has his moments as well perhaps provoked by the same sort of things.
The grief caused by the death of a close loved one never truly goes away. We just come to a sort of peace with it so we cane keep on living.

i have a Sister just 9 months younger then me who died when we're teenager. I'm a grandma now and still from time to time miss her. I miss her more right now because our Dad died last month.
I believe is our enemy.

But I hope you shall come to peace with your grief. .

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