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i have never approached or had a conversation with a girl my life. i am an accountant at a large downtown firm, every day after work i just go home and play video games and fap to girls who will never like me (im asian)

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I am 31 and here I am thinking I have a similar problem, except that I do not play video games and I do not have a real job. But hey, my advice is to get your act together and look for someone within your league. If your intention is on the most attractive women, it will be a challenge to win her over. Attractive women do not only inspect for what you wear and drive, but also the way you communicate. Can't say silly things. Thats a big red FLAG.

The same amount of time you would spend playing video games, use that to socialize instead. You will be surprised yourself at the accomplishment.

Don't read us wrong, some females do like games, but a small percentage. If you do find someone with a common interest, consider yourself a lucky man. And the best place to find these females are at those game events . Think about it. Your chances at finding someone there is possible.

Otherwise, grow some balls. Give up the games. Because those games usually changes the mindset of gamers and can turn into an ugly altercation with the significant other.
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