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So theres this girl that i just met this year, but now I'm wondering if she likes me or not. Here are some of the things that I've noticed from her:

1) So the other day, i caught her looking towards my direction (maybe at me but it isn't a guarantee) and when i looked at her, she immediately looked away.

2) Catching her looking at me got me excited but then I always notice that she always ignores me. Ignoring as in that she does not even look at me. Its as if she is avoiding eye contact because once we walked by each other and she pretended as if i wasn't even there. She walked by and never takes a glance for any eye contact. Another time, I was standing and facing her while she was walking out of the door but she didn't even look at me. Instead she look anywhere BUT me.

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I do exactly this with my crush! i feel like he doesn't like me so i act like i don't like him. :) I'm also super shy but then.. i also think he does.. at times and i still act like that.. ? Im so confusing I'm sure he feels like this!!!

She is shy and she likes you. its obvious if she makes the extra effort to look away and she's shy :3 go for her! Sho her your interested and she all hopefully start to open up :) She's staring at you from her peripheral vision by the way :) I do this all the time. I should show my crush i like him too ehh I'm tooo laxxxyyy

If she doesn't, in about a week or so, she may not like you or have noticed.

ask her out if you can :)

She is interested for sure, if she didn't care, she wouldn't ignore you but make light eye contact and just not care. You'd know if that was it.

good luck and i hope I've helped

also !! anonymous down there asking for the name.. sorta creepy.. D:
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Maybe she's shy or maybe she's playing games with you- possibly both.
One way to find out is just to walk up to her and ask her out.
Since these mixed signals she's sending out are driving you crazy, why not end that and just take a risk, ask her out !

It may be helpful for you to speak with a counselor at a hotline about this situation. We have counselors available 24/7 to help with any kind of problems.
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