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Just because he doesn't say he loves you doesn't mean that he doesn't. Some people are just smart enought to wait to tell their partner that they love them until they're really sure. As a teenage boy, i have many friends who tell their boyfriend/girlfriends that they "love" them at the end of every phone conversation, instant message, etc. To me, this is stupid, and one of the first things i establish upon going into a relationship is that i'd like to wait to say "I love you" until i know that i actually mean it. Therefore, when a girl first tells me she loves me, i wait until i know i have the feeling as well until saying it back. Unlike many of the boys i know, who say "i love you" just to satisify their girlfriends, and vice versa, I'm careful using the word because i know how much it really means. If your boyfriend is like this and is waiting to say he loves you before he's 100% sure, i applaud his way of thinking.

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