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I cheated on my husband with another guy but it was a one night thing and I'm not even sure how he found out about it since I didn't tell him. But we are sort of separated, I say sort of because we are still living in the same house, mainly for the kids sake but I'm sleeping in the guest room, since he kicked me out of our bedroom, but I still love him and want him to forgive me. I really just made a mistake and I regret it but he hardly even talks to me unless it's to ask me something about the kids. How do I get him to forgive me?

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There are 3 things you can do. But forgiveness is not something that you are entitled to; you'd be selfish to expect it. He may or may not be able to forgive you. Do these 3 things:

1) End the affair, break off all contact with the "other man".
2) Admit your wrongdoing, don't make excuses, and demonstrate genuine, sincere remorse.
3) With your every word and action, try to rebuild the trust that was lost because of your betrayal. This won't be easy and can take years. You will never be totally trusted as you were before, but that may not be a bad thing--for both of you.
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The only reason you need to get back together with him is for the kids sake. Other than that, I'm sorry but you don't deserve him anymore.
Trust is really hard to get back, and one thing that us men value very highly is our confidence. We need to feel needed, but you pretty much just said to him that you don't need him. That you're bored of him and you're looking for "Excitement" And I don't know how you can repair that. #1 thing I would say, get a marriage counselor and volunteer to pay for it with you own money. Show that you're invested in rebuilding the relationship.
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