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So my best friend and I decided to try to have a relationship with each other. I liked her since highschool and she always liked me too. Now i'm 20 yrs old and very self sufficient. I have a good job and make very good money for my age. I make alot more money than the average 20 yrs old male. My issue is I just feel like she's just using me recently. I'm constantly spending money on her buying her whatever she wants. For her birthday I bought her a very expensive watch and I treat her nice in general. At the beginning everything was authentic but after she saw my freehanded nature I think she uses me now. We have had a few moments of intimacy with each other and everything was good. We enjoyed each other, had lots of fun together, and couldn't stand to be away from each other for long periods of time but she just changed and became so materialistic. I like her alot and she was such a sweet person before she got so materialistic. Should I try to work it out with her or should I just call it quits and move?

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As mentioned already, communication is key. Talk to your girlfriend and ask her what you think, sure she'll get mad at first, but if you guys have been together for a while and are also best friends she'll understand. If she is using you for your money then call it quits because that's not healthy and your relationship wouldn't be authentic as before, but it also takes time. If she realizes her mistakes and wants to start over with you, try it, if you really want to. If she changes, great, if not, then sorry. It's better to move on then to stay with someone that'll take advantage of you. Good luck, do what makes you happy.
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Hey you, do not leave your love alone because you are spending to make her happy. My thing if you are making good money and making her happy just sit her down and let her know that you have to stat saving for your futures. Tell her you love making her happy by giving her what she wants. Here's thing, if she loved you before you had the money then she should understand your wishes about wanting to save. If you didn't want her act like a materialistic girl then you should have not started out spending. All she knows is that you are spoiling her and if you stop she will probably think otherwise. Don't start out spending like that on her if you don't want to continue it on. Talk to her and get her to understand how you are feeling. I am pretty sure she will understand how you feel. If you have real love then understanding should be there, regardless if the money is not or taking away or slacked up some. BE kind when you try to get her to understand what you want her to understand. From what I have read there is love there and I don't think she is using you, your actions are showing her that you want to please her by giving her what she wants. Don't stop just slack up a bit so you can more bigger things for her like a home one day, and tell her that is for her. There's a difference between someone using and someone just being happy with what you give them. If you are feeling used then talk to her about it or slow down buying or just say no the next time and see how she will react. Test her but I just think you are over reacting. Don't lie to her then afterwards she will feel that you are playing with her or think you may have someone else you want to do things for. Just be honest with her about your feelings, Just like you told this story here tell her that too. Tell her how you are feeling about the situation, that's all . Don't make a big thing out of nothing. This is simple so talk with her and tell her how you are feeling
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