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The cliche that husbands need to constantly romance their wives is beginning to fall to the wayside. In order for a relationship to remain healthy and for love to continue to grow, wives also need to put effort into maintaining the romance. Romance is not based on cliches; the most important part of romance is continuing to sustain an already strong bond and to show respect, consideration and interest.
Caring About His Interests

When husbands are encouraged to plan dates, they can combine their favorite activities with spending quality time with their spouses. Whether it's a hockey game, wrestling match or group date night at a pool lounge, husbands will feel respected and deeply cared about when their wives join in on their hobbies.

As marriages grow, couples sometimes start focusing on what is wrong with each other instead of what is right. Wives may nag their spouses about cleaning, cooking and so forth. Romance can be kept alive by compliments on a new haircut or on what a great job the husband did painting the garage.
Common Ground

Wives should try to figure out what hobbies they enjoy equally with their husbands. Whether it's trying international cuisine, skiing, building model airplanes or skydiving, common interests help bring a couple together, while still teaching the two of them more about each other.

Listening is a significant aspect of being romantic, because it lets a wife learn more about her husband's wants and needs. Husbands will recognize the extra listening and the strengthening of communication that occurs.
Standing up for Him

Men protect, but they also want to feel protected. If a family member, friend or stranger is talking poorly about a woman's husband, the wife should stand up for him without giving it a second thought. Doing so shows the husband that his spouse is not afraid to defend his honor.

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