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Purchase the ingredients to prepare your partners favorite meal along with a romantic desert. Plan to have the meal ready by the time your date arrives. Create a romantic mood in your home by playing romantic music and dimming the lights. Light candles at the dinner table to create a romantic atmosphere while you and your date enjoys the meal. Bring out the wine or non-alcoholic beverage and pour two glasses. Turn off any sources of distraction such as your computer or phone. Have your partner close his eyes when he arrives and lead him in to surprise him with your tasty masterpiece.

Prepare a romantic date night by renting a few movies. Choose your favorite movies or try out horror films to add excitement to the date. Purchase snacks such as popcorn, candy and other theater favorites. If neither of you have eaten, prepare a quick picnic. Make sandwiches, dip and your favorite finger foods. Place a blanket across the floor and lay the food out. When your date arrives, light candles and enjoy the meal. Turn the thermostat down after the meal, just enough to give you a reason to snuggle up together in a warm blanket.

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