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I met this guy 3 months ago and we started to hang out more often (once a week) lately and i feel that he is constantly dropping hints. I feel like he's doing it to lead me on...but I don't really know if he likes me. What troubled me is he even started dropping hints the second time we met. So i really doubt his honesty. How can he like me even before he gets to know me right? Since then he is always just saying things to "agree" with me or tries to find common ground with me. At the same time, he is also seeing other girls and going on vacation with other girls, and telling me about it as well. He told me theres another girl he is thinking about going out with (and no that girl is not me) but while at the same time dropping hints to me. I don't quite understand his action. If he likes me then he wouldn't see other girls right? The last two times I hang out with him, i feel like he was trying to get me to be physically close with him. He wouldn't dare to touch me so he would do things that will make me sit or stand closer to him (like asking me to read something on his phone etc) He also msged me very late at night once asking a question that I have obviously told him the answer before. I'm thinking maybe he wanted to text me but don't know how to make it sound natural..Do you think he's playing with my feelings? is he just looking desperately for sex so he is dropping these hints everywhere to see how easy he can get it?

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Honey us women get those feelings for a reason if you feel he's playing you most likely he is I'm sorry to say it sweetie but he probably isn't wortth your time you need someone who don't just wanna use you then go to the next girl Men are A holes and he so isn't good enough for you there's more fish in the sea that i'm sure are 10 times better then him and cuter!
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