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... came but im still scared because i was a virgin, is there any chance i could become pregnant even though we didnt cum?

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As long as he did not cum within you, and it was a few thrusts then the chances of you becoming pregnant are virtually nil.

To reassure you, you are only fertile generally 1/2 way through your monthly cycle when you ovulate, that is one of your ovaries releases an egg and it slowly travels down the fallopian tube towards the womb. To conceive, the sperm must meet the egg there. So add to this the limited lifetime of a sperm, the short time the egg has in the tube, the little to no sperm in your boyfriends precum (the clear fluid that comes out of his penis before & during sex that lubricates and neutralise's the acidic environment if your Virgina that would kill sperm) and such little of it could be placed inside of you to have any effect after 2 thrusts, then I think you are very safe.
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Only to the estimation to when you ovulate & become fertile. I do draw your attention to "generally 1/2 way through your monthly cycle". You could release an egg earlier or later but mostly it is mid way, couples have been caught when having full sex in what they thought was a safe time.
If you are to build & enjoy a full sexual relationship with your boyfriend, look now for a contraception that suits you that makes you feel safe & happy (codoms are easily available and also provide protection against sexual transmitted disease, also add spermalsideal cream for fuller protection), tell him your feelings & concerns. This care & sharing will build your relationship & make your intimate times even more so.
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