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Hi. About 18 months ago my wife gave birth to our child. Ever since then our sex life has been terrible. She never wants to have sex, doesn't like receiving oral, doesn't like giving oral or any sort of pleasure. She has said it either hurts, she's uncomfortable, her vagina is 'numb', or she says she gets tired too easily and can't move around properly. It's really hard for us both because I have a very high sex drive which is not complimented by her lack of libido. I have tried everything I can think of and even what I have been recommended to do but still nothing. I know I seem selfish but I can't really deal with it anymore, it makes me so angry that I can't make love to my wife without her whinging about something. I've tried extended foreplay, every position, romantic scenes, giving oral, sensual massaging, but literally nothing works..
Please help

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Your wife's body was pretty much ripped in half, giving birth to your child. But, it shouldn't be painful for her after 18 months. She should see a doctor for that. Couples can have sex as soon as 6 weeks after delivery. So, she's probably just blowing you off. :/ But, being a mother is stressful. It's not selfish, either, Everyone has needs. Just sit down and talk with her about it. If she's really whining that much about it, then take her to the doctor. Then you'll know.
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