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I finally texted the girl I like today and we were able to hold a decent conversation, but something I've noticed was that she was texting kind of monotonically. Like for example if I asked how she was, instead of replying with something like "I'm good! Hbu?" she was like "Good. How are you?" and just in general she texted very formally to me. This wouldn't get me too worried if I hadn't noticed she texted some of her other friends with much more enthusiasm, and she also does so when talking to people IRL. I had been using texting etiquette such as not using too many emoticons and not sending another text until she replied back, stuff like that, and I was trying not to come across as desperate or anything. Also it's worth noting that about 15 minutes in she told me she had to go and I haven't gotten a text back since. I should also let you know she's aware I like her since some of my friends told her, but we still hang out a lot and I try to maintain the vibe that it's cool just being friends and I feel like it's not awkward with us. But anyways I'm just confused that's all, and I could very well be overthinking the whole thing. Thanks to anyone who gets back to me! :)

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It can be that you are overthinking the situation because you like her and given some thought to how you are going to approach her but she may not feel the same yet but if you guys get along well and you can make her laugh or want to speak to you , then it can all change. Try to get to know her personally instead of over the phone, then the texts will sort off come automatically

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