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I'm a 15 year old girl that weighs around 150lbs. I want to lose about 20 to 25 pounds. I drink about 4-5 glasses of water or green tea a day. I'm home schooled and don't have many friends, so I don't have many chances to go out. I go out and have walks every few days but it's not enough. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables as well. What are some ways to help lose weight?

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lots of exercise and eating healthy! you should probably exercise every day or every second day, maybe get your self into a routine or get an exercise plan!
maybe in the afternoons you could go for a 20 minute run around the block, then when you get back you could do a bunch of sits ups and push ups. set your self lots of goals (e.g. do 30 sit ups and push ups a day) and perhaps when you've lost a certain amount of weight that your happy with, treat yourself with take away or a cupcake or something! but don't get into a habit of eating lots of junk food!
good luck :)
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