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So there's this girl at my church. She's really beautiful and I think I'm in love with her. When she was new to my church she used to look at me a lot and she tried talking to me a couple of times, but my dumbass didn't like her back then so I didn't show much interest in her. It seems like she got over me. She no longer looks at me and she seems very happy. I know she likes somebody because she posted an instagram post in which she made it clear she does. I'm in doubt if she likes me or not. She literally talks to everybody in church but me. It seems like I don't exist for her or something. I was thinking of letting her know how I feel about her, but what if she doesn't like me back.

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I think you are too late. Still go to her and tell her about your real feelings. Apologise for your behaviour. Dont delay it anymore
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