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Semen is a mixture of substances, all designed to encourage the male sperm to the female egg during sexual intercourse. Semen is ejaculated from the penis during sexual stimulation, and contains between 40 and 600 million individual sperm cells. This number depends on how often a man ejaculates, however even with 600 million sperm, the area they cover is no greater than a pinhead. The amount ejaculated ranges from a couple of drops to six milliliters.

Semen tastes and smells different for every man, but there is a range of normality. A chlorine-type smell is common, and a salty/sweet taste (due to fructose) is normal. Abnormal semen may be foul-smelling, green, brown, or red in color, very thick or very runny, or not present at all. These can be signs of infections or prostate problems, and a physician should be consulted.

Semen contains citric acid, free amino acids, fructose, enzymes, phosphorylcholine, prostaglandin, potassium, and zinc. Semen is normally a slightly cloudy fluid, ranging in viscosity from very runny to quite thick. After about half an hour, sperm "melts" into a watery clear fluid. The viscous nature of semen ensures it stays in the vagina for a little while to give the sperm a chance to flagellate higher into the cervix and fallopian tubes.
Semen on AM
The health of your semen -- including taste and smell -- is important, not only to your ability to reproduce but also to your ongoing sex life. Various foods can influence the taste and smell of your semen -- for example, asparagus is known to produce bad-smelling and tasting semen. Other foods such as pineapple or pineapple juice are known to sweeten it.

Keeping an eye on your semen will help you to recognize what affects it and in what manner. This can help your sex life by making your semen more palatable to anyone offering its digestion, as well as ensuring you stay healthy and can maintain virility for the rest of your life -- prostate problems will show up as problems urinating and possibly ejaculating, and semen may offer clues.

Semen Fact
There is no biological need to have sex or masturbate for health reasons. The body can easily cope with unused sperm, with no impact on fertility or sex drive. Unused semen gets reabsorbed if it isn’t used, such as the situation where a man has had a vasectomy -- the sperm just go back where they came from and get converted back into their constituents and reused.

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