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I have always had this connection and faith with God, but recently I have found myself not believing in the Bible, mostly because it was not written by God himself. I know it is the only real proof of God, but it just does not seem like a believable set of teachings.

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it depends on who you are. it is not weird if you are not a christian but its weird if you are a christian. in 2Timothy 3:16-17 the bible says all scriptures are inspired by God. though due to revision of the bible by various translations the original meaning maybe lost but the good thing is that if you read and meditate on the word and ask the HOLY SPIRIT to make you understand what you have read, i can assure you, you will get the rhema of the word and get the revelation behind it. i will also advice you not to use one version when studying the bible and also try and bible concordance alongside the bible. it will help. THE BIBLE IS THE WORD OF GOD

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It is not weird at all. The bible has been messed up with throughout the ages and now the original meaning has been lost. Also you do not need a book to believe in GOD. The signs of god existence exist in all things at all places. All major religions who believe in god does not believe in the bible too. Examples are Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism,  etc.
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