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can i gain admission with these results...Social studies-B3,English Lang.-C4,Science-C5, Core Maths-D7, Business Management-A1,Economics-C4,Financial Acct.-C5,E.Maths-E8
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Lawkady your aggregate is 24. The minimum requirement for most universities and polytechnics is a C6 in your courses including English, Maths and Science/Social Studies and 3 electives. Since you had d7 in core Maths it would hinder your potential admissions. The best would be to try out some of the private universities or re-write your core Maths along with some courses to enhance your grade.

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Thanks very much...But what i don't understand is my Maths because I'm a gud maths students and I don't understand how i had d7....Well there is nothing i can do about it.I just have to re-sit and write it again.Thanks a lot Mr.TT...hope u can be friend and a coach. Hoping to hear from you.can whatsapp me here...
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Lawkady, which institution are you referring to?

I mean any. Thus University or Polytechnic...And please which programme will b suitable for my grade? And can you tell me the total grade for my best six. Thank you