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How to Get A Scholarship in Ghana To Study Abroad as a Student

A lot of Ghanaians travel outside the country every year on scholarship to countries like China,Korea, Japan, US, Canada, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey etc.Scholarships comes in two forms Merit Based and Award Based.

Merit Based Scholarship -

Award Based Scholarship -

Scholarship Can be In two forms

Total Scholarship - In this type of scholarship ,almost the expenses are paid for you by the one issuing the scholarship. This include tuition, Accommodation,Monthly stipend,Plane tickets, etc.

Partial Scholarship - This type of scholarship, not all the expenses are paid for you. You are expected

to pay for some of the expenses . The giver of the scholarship can pay for your tuition and you are expected to pay for accommodation, feeding, plane tickets etc.

When are Scholarships Given Out

Scholarships are released Mostly From January To June each year.The scholarships can be government scholarships or issued by a school. Scholarship information can be gotten from Several scholarships websites. The scholarship websites where you can get scholarship information are below

scholarships positions

What you need to apply for a scholarship

You need a passport

Passport Picture

School Transcript

WASSCE/SSCE/SAT/TOEFL/GR-MAT Certificate (you need at least one of these certificates)

Diploma/Undergraduate/Masters degree(For masters and doctoratal scholarships Only)

Any other certificates - this include sports certificates, certificates from clubs, Churches etc.

Letter of Recommendation

Study Plan

Passport - It is not advisable to apply for a scholarship without even a passport.

WASSCE/SSCE Certificate - This certificate can be obtained from the Senior High School you attended or from the West African Examination Council. SAT/TOEFL/GR-MAT -

Diploma/Undergraduate/Master's degree - This is for Masters and Doctoral Scholarships only and can be obtained from the last tertiary you attended.

Study Plan - This is basically an essay stating why you would like to offer the course you chose during the scholarship application. This essay also include what you would do after successfully completing the course.

Letter of Recommendation - This is an endorsement letter written by a person in High authority. This letter states why the scholarship organization should trust you and it generally provides some kind of witness to your trustworthiness and moral behavior. This letter SHOULD BE STAMPED!

What NEXT?

After gathering the documents needed to apply successfully, all what you have to do is just follow the instructions given in the scholarship announcement that you read from the scholarship websites. Most of the scholarship application are online and therefore it is easy to apply.

Ask for Assistance

If there is something that you would like to know more about or if you need help in your application, do not hesitate to ask for assistance at AMG