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im having one for sale
x samsung tablet with sim slot
slightly used
call me on

1 Answer

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Android tablet ranges from 400ghs - 600ghs

The best one to start with in my opinion is the google nexus 7 in my opinion ,because you would want to buy an android tablet from google themselves since they are the owners of andoid tablet.

if you want to buy and android tablet in ghana, you should go to google trader at this address http://www.google.com.gh/local/trader/ or visit tonaton.com

incase you would want to buy your android at circle, please becareful at circle because you may end up buying an android clone from china. At circle ask the phone sellers in any phone store that your brother wanted to buy an android so where do they think you can get some. IF THEY tell you to wait for them, dont listen. follow them instead to where ever they may go. never give them any money till you have seen the android tablet itself . Note: BUY FROM A STORE THAT HAS A LOT OF PHONES AND IS VERY BIG.

This is because if you buy from a store, you can return it if it is fake. remember the price should be below 600cedis. So know how to bargain well. if you don't bargain well, they may sell it to you above 1000cedis.

in Accra cental too, you can buy android tablet at swanzy a big storehouse in kantamanto opposite the accra central police station