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i wanted to apply for bsc.nursing next yr since i think it had better job opportunities....if nt too i wanna bcom a lecturer wid de bed mathematical science...pls advice me.....i want to b a successful man....i just want a career....thank u...amfree
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Prince lets do it this way,

  1. Nursing.
    if you apply for nursing next year and get admission, it will take you 3 years to complete which will be in 2018. After your licensing and registration as a nurse, you start working in lets say a hospital and you would be paid between 800 - 1200ghc per month. So we will assume that by 2019, you will be receiving 1000ghc per month. From this time to 2019 is 4.5 years. If you work as a nurse for two years, you can offer a degree nursing in 2021 and then become a degree nurse. You would be paid between 1800 - 2200ghc. Lets assume after working for another 2 years, you can put down some money and apply for either PBL 1 at uds or GEMP at legon to become a full time medical doctor. So you can apply for medicine in 2023 and then after 3 years which 2026 - 7 , you will be a junior doctor receiving between 2500 - 3000ghc per month.

  2. B.Ed Mathematics
    If you start your B.ED mathematics now, it will take you 4 years to graduate. So you will be graduating in 2018. You will do one year national service and if you get a Job as A Teacher at an SHS, your salary will be between 800 -1200ghc per month. Whatever education related job you might get, your salary will be between that range.B.Ed is an education Degree so your opportunities lies in the education sector and Non governmental organisations when you are looking for Jobs. if you have the money to continue straight to masters after your national service, then you will apply in 2020 and complete in 2022. Otherwise you will work for let's say two years, apply for masters in 2022 and complete in 2024. With your masters, you can teach at tertiary institutions like Nursing schools, teacher training colleges etc or you can still teach in shs or get a job with an organisation depending on the program you mastered in. Your pay will still be around 1800gh- 2400ghc. if you have the money and can do your doctorate straight away, you will be applying in 2024 and completing in 2025 -6. or you will work for another two years, apply in 2026 and complete in 2028-9.
    Once you have your doctorate, you will be paid 3000ghc and above and you can now become a lecturer at any polytechnic or university of your choice.

Now here are the assumptions of this discussions

Lets assume that during all this time, there would be no earthquake in Ghana, no war, no epidemic etc, will you marry before or after you become a doctor or lecturer? or you will marry when you become a degree nurse or have your masters ? Calculate cost of wedding, will someone fall sick in your family during this time? do you have to take your siblings to school and pay their fees and feeding? how much exactly will that cost and for how long. how early will you start catering for your siblings? Will you be paying rent? light bills, water bills etc, calculate some of these things per month or per year and subtract it form your monthly or yearly salary.

After you are done, just choose what your heart decides. Life is lived one day at a time. if you want be successful in the past and future, just concentrate on being successful today because today was the future yesterday and will soon become the past tomorrow. So have no fears, just decide on a goal, and do something about it every single day. Thats all you need to be successful. It will be hard along the way but the hard part is what makes life fun. If everything were easy, how boring would our world be? Leave every single day, enjoying to the fullest, worrying about nothing while accomplishing your goal.