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the truth is that it may say 2 days, but it's probably not. If you use something like Priority Mail in the US which tag-teams off to the EMS service here in Ghana, it may arrive in Ghana within 2 days, but it takes FOREVER for the Ghana Post EMS office to alert you to the fact that a package is waiting.

At one point, I could track a package out of JFK and into Ghana within 2 days, but 3 weeks later I was still waiting for notification in my post office box. Even though the package also had a contact phone number (my husband's). I wound up going to the EMS office in Accra Central with the numbers from the customs form and having them track it there.

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It sent the package on Dec. 8th and still no word if its arrived.

How did you send it? Through normal post or Fedex or dhl?
Please i have send a school application form to italy through normal post,so how long will it take to arrive in Italy
i have send a package  to Ghana  and the tracking number start with lc how long will it take for me to get it .
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