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B.ED (Social Studies)

  1. Brief historical background of each programme of study.
    The Department of Social Studies was established the inception of University College of Education,
    Winneba (UCEW) in 1992. During this period the Department run Diploma and Post-diploma
    in Social Studies. Later on this programme was upgraded to a degree programme (B.ED Social
    Studies Education). Further restructuring and upgrading of all University programmes has resulted
    in the development of the current B. A. (Social Studies Education) programme.

  2. Unit of the institution to offer/offering each programme of study:
    i) Name of Department: Department of Social Studies
    ii) Date of establishment:1992
    iii) Name and qualification of Head and Staff (distinguish between part-time and full-time and also
    teaching and non-teaching staff by functions)
    iv) Structure and organisation of Faculty/College/School/Institute/Department (select relevant

  3. Rationale, goals and objectives of the programme of study:
    (a) Rationale
    The programme has been designed to:
    i. equip students with relevant knowledge which will form the basis for enquiry into issues and
    problems of society.
    ii. develop in students, professional skills and competencies required for teaching Social/Environmental
    iii. equip students with research skills used for the collection and analysis of data as well as drawing
    up necessary conclusions from them.
    iv. equip students with
    (b) Goals and objectives
    The aim of the programme is to equip students with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes
    that will enable them to teach Social Studies/Environmental Studies at the Basic, Secondary and
    Teacher Training College Levels and / or undertake supervisory responsibilities under the District
    Directorates of Education.

  4. Employment prospects of Graduands
    After graduation, one can be employed as a:
    ● Staff of Ghana Education Service
    ● Staff of other Private Educational Institutions
    ● Social Worker

  5. Entry requirements for admission of students
    Applicants must satisfy the general entry requirements of the University of Education, Winneba,
    and the specific Departmental requirements as specified at the time of entry.
    i. Grade ‘B3’ or better in Social Studies.
    ii. Any two of the following electives: Geography, Economics

B.A Social Studies

The Social Studies programme has been designed to equip students with relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable them to teach Social/Environmental studies at the Basic and Secondary levels and/or to undertake supervisory responsibilities under the district directorates of education. The programme aims at developing in students, the habit of obtaining information on current issues, equip them with the skills for identifying societal problems and developing techniques of solving them as well as inculcating in students the attributes of good citizenship.

B. Target Group

The programme is for:

• SHS certificate holders who desire to train as teachers

• Public or Civil servants

• Social Workers or activists

• Community Developers

C. Job Prospects

After graduation, one can be employed as a:

• Staff of the Ghana Education Service

• Staff of other Private Educational Institutions

• Social Worker

D. Entry Requirements

i. Grade 'B3' or better in Social Studies

ii. ‘C5' or better in two of the following electives: Geography, Economics, History and Government.

iii. Grade 'C6' or better in English Language, Core Mathematics and Integrated Science.

Can I do dat wid my elective subjects...economics C5 B.M A1and accounting B2...Core subjects...Core maths C6,English C5,Social B3 and Science D7..Do I have de chance to be admitted?
yes you have the chance to be admitted so you  can apply
Please which university do I have de highest chance to be admitted wid my grades?
Among de programs we select...can u be admitted into ur 2nd or 3rd choice if u don't qualify for de first choice?