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You can buy from amazon in ghana if you can pay for it so here we go

How To Make Online Payment in Ghana

Have you ever gone to a website to buy something you like only to realize you don’t have the means to make payments online? This is very frustrating if it has ever happened to you. The good news is, now you can go to virtually any website and make payments for whatever goods, services or products you want to buy.

The most important thing you need to have if you want to make payments online is your credit card. In Ghana, they can’t be called credit cards, they are debit cards. These cards are directly linked to your bank account, whatever payment you make is instantly taken out of your bank account. These cards are not the regular ATMs cards the banks have been given us. Though they look the same, these cards are special and won’t be given to you unless you ask for it from your bank.

Some banks in Ghana that I know they offer these cards are UBA Bank (they card I’m using was provided by them), Ecobank, Barclays Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Zenith Bank, Access Bank and Gtbank. These are the few banks I know in Ghana that provide this service. The charges and limit of usage depends on the bank you want but so far, I love the service I get from UBA bank. I applied for the card which cost ¢10.00. The card arrived in 3 weeks time and since then, I have been using it to make payments online. Payments are calculated using their foreign exchange rate to convert whatever item you paid for from cedis to that currency. It’s so simple, now I don’t worry about how to buy a phone, laptop, get a web host, buy domains, etc online. I can do all this with my internationally accepted debit card.

Another area you must know is, 30% of online merchants and shopping carts won’t accept cards with Ghana as it billing or shipping address. Sites like Amazon won’t allow you to use your card here in Ghana to buy anything from their site. But there is a way around this. You can go to or and register. Get a US address and anytime you shop online, use that as your billing and/or shipping address. These are two examples of companies that act as mail forwarders. They will receive whatever you bought online, charge you a fee depending on the weight and postage charges of the package and forward it to you. There are many mail forwarders companies out there but these are two I am familiar with. You can try the services of the others. Just go to Google and search for ‘USA address’.

Be careful not to share your card details with anyone. It is also advisable never to save your card details online. Please, don’t use your card at public computers. I will advise you to use your card on your own computer. If you want to make payments on a public computer, please after the payment, look for the browser history settings and clear the cache, cookies and browsing session. Do this to ensure no one hacks your card and spend the money on it.

There you go. If you want to make payment online but didn’t know how, this is the solution. Walk into any of the banks mentioned above, I recommend UBA and get yourself an internationally accepted card for making payments online. This card can also be used to make payments at POS and withdraw money from ATMs all over the world.

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you can use they are pretty much reliable and deliver in a week to your doorstep.
please how much do they charge for shipping to Ghana
Are the things delivered to my doorstep
How to get Lucky in Life

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please am in ghana too so when i use US address how am i going to get my bought item here in ghana?

call on 027 930 1578 we will be happy to assist you.
How will i get the US address when am registering...
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you can order via we shop for you on amazon and deliver to you in Ghana.

Can i buy the goods myself on amzon and use my hemoh address to forward them?
Yes how can but u need a PayPal account
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Great question my friend.

You can successfully order, process and ship products from Amazon as we speak. How I wish I could let you in with all the details on Amazon GH. However, this Ultimate Guide to Amazon in Ghana does it better. I hope you enjoy it.