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i just want to know the subjects that would be selected as your best six, thus, how many core and elective subjects are you going to select

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It depends on the school you are applying to and the program you are choosing.

Universities take your best 3 core subjects including maths and english and your best 3 electives. Depending on the program you are applying for, you can replace science with social studies but maths and english are constants in the core subject. So your university grade will be english, maths, either science or social but not both, then your best 3 electives.

Polytechnics and teacher training colleges take your best 5 subjects, 3 core and 2 electives. The core should also include english and maths together with either social or science. After that then you can add any of your best 2 elective subjects.

Nursing training , midwifery, health assistant training , and health assistant clinical training colleges also take your best six subjects including english and maths. 3 core subjects and 3 electives subjects.

No matter the school, you must use english and maths in the core subjects plus any other subjects ( either social or science)

Least grade required for admission
University - at least c6 in any of your best 6 subjects
Polytechnics - also c6 but you can apply you can apply with e8 and d7 and you will write an entrance exams. This is only applicable to a few programs not all polytechnic programs.
Teacher training - at least c6
Nursing training -at least c6
Health assistant training school- d7 and e8 allowed
Health assistant clinical- d7 and e8 allowed.

Thank for reading.

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