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and den yu further ur educatuion tu de university... are u going tu still be  recieving  ur pay ...
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Yusano, to answer your question, i would like you to read what GES have to say about study leave for teachers in GHANA.

1. The minimum number of years
to serve before qualifying for the
grant of study leave with pay is
five (5) years.
2. Applicants who apply for study leave in the critical subject areas should be allowed to teach initially for two years before embarking on study leave with pay. This is to enable more applicants qualify to increase the number required by the Service.
Critical Subjects:

  • Mathematics
  • English/ Linguistics
  • Science
  • French
    1. Non-Professional graduate teachers
      should have served for at least one(1)
      year before being eligible for the Post
      Graduate Diploma in Education(PGDE)
    2. Members of the Service returning from
      Secondment must serve a minimum of
      two(2) years before they become eligible
      for any study leave with pay.
    3. Members of the Service who vacate the
      Service and are re-engaged must serve a
      minimum of five (5) years before being
      eligible for study leave with pay.
    4. An applicant who is eligible for study
      leave with pay must have a minimum of
      two(2) years to serve after the course.
    5. An applicant shall be eligible for study
      leave with pay subject to the following:
      a. Good conduct
      b. Good Performance
      c. Recommendation by immediate
      Application For Study Leave With Pay
    6. Applicants should obtain application forms
      from District/Regional offices.
    7. Applicants should complete application
      forms (4 copies). Attach Certified True
      Copies of Certificate(s).
    8. Applications should be submitted to the
      applicant’s Regional Director through the
      District Director /Head of Institution by
      end of April, every year.
    9. The Regional / District Directors should
      ensure that the list of all applicants reach
      the Director, Human Resource
      Management and Development
      Division(HRMD) GES Headquarters by the
      end of May, every year.

Personnel of GES who have served for two(2)
consecutive years or more in a deprived
Personnel who have gained admission
to read critical subjects areas and
have served two years or more in the

Service of ten(10) or more years
after initial course of study.
- Service of 5-9 years after
previous course of study.
Any GES staff requesting for study leave
without pay must fill the Study Leave
without pay form and attach a copy of their
admission letter.
Applicants must forward his/her
application letter with the above attachments
to the Director-General for approval.

  1. Study leave without pay shall be granted to
    members of the Service to pursue courses
    not approved by the Service..
    Staff who are re- engaged after leave
    without pay must serve at least two(2)
    years before going on another study
    leave with pay

  2. Members who pursue Theological/Pastoral
    courses at the Trinity Theological Seminary
    and other Seminaries (approved courses)

  3. Members who pursue approved courses offered at institutions which have not been granted full accreditation.

  4. Members who have served for less than
    five(5) years after initial certification
    (approved course).

  5. Members who have served for less than
    five(5)years after re- instatement.(approved
  6. Members who have served for less than
    two(2) years after secondment.(approved
  7. Teachers pursuing courses meant for non-
    teaching personnel will not enjoy study
    leave with pay and vice versa.

  8. Study leave with pay will not be granted
    for part-time courses.
    The Effects Of Study Leave Without Pay

  9. Loss of salary and SSNIT contributions
  10. Denial of outright posting after course
  11. Challenges of re-engagement, especially
    through replacement where a Staff number is required.
  12. Denial of promotion while in school
    Years in school not counted as years of service.