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In Ghana, we bargain for everything.... form food to transport to tuition fees to whatever. The trick is simple. Look your partner straight in the eye, stand straight, talk confidently, and look like you mean your words. In case of transportation with taxis, buying cloths,dresses, shoes, consumer electronics etc, the formula is this,

    convince him to mention the price first first since he is selling.

  2. Divide the price he mentions by 2 and subtract 20% of the original pice from the remaining.
    This should be your maximum starting price.

  3. Agreement price between the buyer and the seller is giving by ......original price by seller, divided by 2 + 20% or -- 20% of original price

eg. If you want to go to 37 from legon, You stopped a taxi. You told the driver where you want to go and asked him how much?. He said it was 10cedis. DIVIDE 10cedis BY 2, you get 5cedis. find 20% of 10 cedis which is 2cedis. Subtract 2cedis from from the 5 cedis which is 3cedis . This means that even though the driver mentioned 10cedis originally, you tell him that you will pay 3cedis. The bargaining starts and your aim is to stay below original price which is 10cedis, divide by 2 which is 5 cedis + 20% of 10cedis is 2 tatalling 7cedis. So your aim is to pay a maximum of 7cedis and a minimum of 3cedis. you start bargaining from 3cedis (5-20%) and you end at 7cedis. (5+20%). The better you become at bargaining, the lesser you will pay.

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