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Lets learn how to prepare Kontomire stew...

2 lb or about 4 bundles of coco yam leaves [kontomire]
8 onion bulbs
4 medium sized tomatoes
1 teaspoon salt
3 smoked fish [as much as you want and any variety]
A small piece of salted fish
1 gill palm oil
About 1 gill water
1/2 to 1 teaspoon ground pepper
1 big sachet of ground Agushi

Lets Cook:
1. Pick and wash the leaves thoroughly, slice or chop into small pieces by folding a compact handful of the leaves and cutting small rings at a time.
2. Get an earthen ware bowl [asanka] or blender and grind your tomatoes
3. Wash and prepare your fish and break them into small pieces
4. Place a pot on fire and pour your palm oil into it.
5. Chop and slice your onions and put in the oil to fry on low heat.
6. Wash thoroughly the salted fish and add to the frying onions to give the oil an original Ghanaian flavour. When fish is well fried, take it out and place in a small plate.
7. Mix the agushi into a paste and fry it in the oil at low heat. Do not stir frequently to allow agushi to form lumps to give an appealing look.
8. Pour into the pot of oil, the ground tomato and add the pepper to it to stew.
9. When stew is getting ready, add your fish to the stew including any seasoning you want. Dont forget you fried salted fish.
10. When stew is ready, add your chopped kontomire leaves to the stew. Cover the stew and stir occasionally till leaves are soft and well miixed. Add salt to taste and whohoooo Stew is ready!!!
Dont forget it was made by YOU!

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