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Tuo Zaafi on the bill...
Tuo Zaafi a.k.a TZ is a very popular food from the Hausa tribe that is catching up gradually with all others in Ghana. 'I de beeee Keke'.
The Ingredients:
The Soup

»Ayoyo leaves - 1 bunch

»Salt Petre - enough

»Powdered Fish

»Powdered Okro(dry)



»4 Medium Onions

»Any spice or seasoning you prefer

The Stew

»Meat(as much as you can chew )

»Palm oil

»4 medium Tomatoes

»Tuna-1 tin


»Pepper - just few would do

»3 Medium Onions

»Any spice or seasoning you prefer

The T.Z (Carbohydrate Part)

»Cassava flour - half cup - 100g

»Corn flour - one and half cup - 300g

Served Tuo Zaafi with meat and stew but without ayoyo.
Lets Make the Soup

Step 1:
Chop the ayoyo leaves into smaller sizes like that of nkontomire. In case you are ignorant of what ayoyo is, ask any hausa native around your hood to show you one. It'll be better than me showing you an image on the screen, okay? Good.

Step 2:
Put water on fire and when it becomes hot, add chopped onion, powdered fish, powdered okro(you can get these on the market) and the dawadawa.

Step 3:
When the water and the added ingredients starts boiling(budding), you add the chopped ayoyo and the salt petre.
Caution,use only a little of the salt petre because it's not so good for health.

Step 4:
While the soup boils, it's going to come up like champaign you shook before popping the cork. Beat the soup with a laddle therefore when that happens to make it settle. If it happens again, continue to beat it until it settles to prevent loss of your soup into the fire to create a mess in your kitchen.When the soup does not rise again, it means it is well cooked now.

Step 5:
Add salt to taste as much as you like, the seasonings and cubes you want, a little water, wait a while and yipeee!!!Your soup is ready!!!

Let's try the stew

Step 1:
Wash all the ingredients, and cut meat into neat pieces.

Step 2:
Chop onions and add to your meat and then add salt also. Make sure you sweat the meat with the onion and salt.

Step 3:
When the meat it well sweated, add your pepper and tomatoes to it.

Step 4:
Stir the tomato until it is well cooked.

Step 5:
Add the palm oil as desired to it and reduce the temperature of the fire.

Step 6:
Leave it on the fire and allow it to cook and stir regularly.When getting cooked, you add your fish and tuna to it and leave ti on fire for a while and your stew could be as good as prepared by an expert.

And now the T.Z(The Carbohydrate accompaniment)

Step 1:
Put water on fire to simmer about three quarters the size of your pot or saucepan.

Step 2:
Take some of the corn flour and mix with cold water and stir with your hand until you get a thoroughly mixed solution.Just use a little of the flour to make a light solution.

Step 3:
When the water becomes hot and boiling, add the corn flour solution to it and stir thoroughly.Cover the sauepan you are using for the content to boil well.

Step 4:
When it's boiled enough, take some part of the boiled solution(about 1/3) and put it aside in another saucepan.

Step 5:
Mix the dry corn flour left and the dry cassava flour together to make a uniform powder.Place it on your side where you can quickly access it.While the solution is boiling, ad the mixed flour to the you stir non-stop. You must be very smart at this point to prevent your T.Z from developing into lumps.Add the flour bit by bit till hard enough to 'paddle' like a soft banku.

Step 6:
When the T.Z is becoming too hard for your liking and infact the T.Z must be soft.Add the solution you fetched and put aside little by little and keep 'paddling'.

Step 7:
Within 20-30 minutes of 'paddling' or stirring under constant heat, your T.Z should be ready.Serve with the soup and stew together and enjoy your home made Tuo Zaafi.
Don't forget, it was made by YOU! Congratulations

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