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1 answer 203 views
pls if I had adminission , will they send me a letter or I will be notified on phone?
asked Apr 2, 2016 max
1 answer 133 views
plz, I want an app dat can convert local number into foreign number.
asked Apr 1, 2016 in Mobile Networks web
1 answer 334 views
please i want to know how many years will it take a nurse with certificate in nursing to become a physician assistant
asked Mar 27, 2016 in General Information Dennis
1 answer 187 views
Please i had D7 in Maths,B3 in English,C5 in Integrated Science,B2 in Social Studies and other electives are as follows Gov B2,History C5,Twi B3, CRS B3. My question is will i get admission to any nursing training college and if yes which programme.
asked Mar 24, 2016 in General Information Twumasi Augustine
1 answer 81 views
1 answer 8.8K views
1 answer 237 views
hi admin pls i have create a blog and is too empty though i have started posting stuffs buh i want to design it to look attractive and edit the blog layout and many more it is too empty
asked Mar 21, 2016 in Computers/Internet phred
1 answer 80 views
Pls sir will i get chance to kpoly wid dis grade e.maths c6 chemistry c6 physics d7 cmaths d7 english e8 and science e8
asked Mar 20, 2016 ken
1 answer 1.2K views
Pls how can I install pes 12 successfully on my tecno boom j5, I have been able to installed it but when I tried to open it, it say loading which can take about 3weeks without showing anything. Pls help cus am alone at where I stay, I want to entertain myself with pes 12. Thank u.
asked Mar 18, 2016 in General Information anonymous
1 answer 288 views
pls i wanna no whether with diz grades... Eng-C5 Core mat B3 Soc A1 sci C5 Bus mgt A1 Accounting B2 Costing B2 n E mat D7 i stance de chance of gaining admission to offer Bsc Administration at knust...
asked Mar 10, 2016 Abu Ernest
1 answer 383 views
what is the steps to take to go to court and swear affidavit to correct your result by waec
1 answer 186 views
what is the steps to take to go to court and swear affidavit to correct your result by waec
1 answer 163 views
what is the steps to take to go to court and swear affidavit to correct your result by waec
asked Mar 4, 2016 ASIEYIE FREDERICK
1 answer 129 views
please can i apply for teacher training with e8?
asked Mar 3, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Adu prince
1 answer 65 views
plz,what programme can I read @ poly with the ff grades.eng.c6 math ç6 sci.ç5 social b2 govn't ç5 geog. b3 econs c4 And plz which poly can I get an admission
asked Mar 3, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment web
1 answer 160 views
Can I gain admission to offer BSc. Administration at UG or KNUST with social c5,science c5, English c5,maths B3,geography B2, government B3, economics C4 n emaths B2
asked Mar 3, 2016 target
1 answer 125 views
plz i want to know if i will be admitted to any college in ghana with the ff results, d7 in English, c6 in core maths, c5 in science, b3 in social, c5 in gov't, e8 in economics, c6 in geography and f9 in elective maths.I just want to know if am qualified to enter any college which one will admit me. thanks.
asked Mar 3, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment Gyamfi evans
1 answer 274 views
where can I download the seasonal movie the smallville season 1 to 10
asked Mar 1, 2016 Kaakyire121
1 answer 85 views
pls i want to create a blog on entertainment and general issues but i dont have money now so can i create free blog and later convert it into a blog that can earn me money if i invest in then,my problem is i will be enterin to sch this year to offer M.A or ntc so after ... me earn so pls give me advice on wat to do now so after i finish sch my blog wont be new all though i will invest in it then
asked Mar 1, 2016 in Computers/Internet phred
1 answer 295 views
can purchase one of the cards today and wait until 7 March or wat?
asked Mar 1, 2016 Godfred Korankye
1 answer 238 views
please I'm 25yrs of age and I find it very difficult to approach a lady not even talking of proposal.Anytime I set my eyes on a girl I want, I get a shock. plz any guidelines
asked Feb 29, 2016 in Love and Relationship web
1 answer 257 views
pls admin can u brief me more on how to become a blogger is my aim but i dont know how to start and please does it need any special technique before someone can start to blog
asked Feb 29, 2016 in Computers/Internet frederick
1 answer 69 views
Of late, have been growing lean and don't know why, although am nt all Dat fat but hw am slimming is something else.I av not done anything bad too, have even tried taking in blood tonic but still So please can you prescribe a drug for me, that I can use to regain my body Pls answer me
asked Feb 28, 2016 tina bans
1 answer 97 views
adɛn koraa nti na menkoaa deɛ mompɛ sɛ moboa me yi? mede m'abisadeɛ ato moanim fa me BECE certificate foforɔ ho sɛ anka momoa me, nanso nnansa ne nnɛ moamfii me. sɛ mohwɛ na sɛ montumi mmoa me mpo a, modeɛ monka nkyerɛ meɛ.ɛbɛyɛ modɛ sɛ mɛtena mehaw yi saa?? moaa na mo se mobɛboa yɛn na afei yɛde ɔhaw bi to moanim a na moayi moani. momoa me a, ɛnka.
asked Feb 17, 2016 Godfred Korankye
1 answer 186 views
Please can a public health (nutrition) degree holder further to study medicine or physician assistance in the medical universities in Ghana
asked Feb 15, 2016 in Education Sammy
1 answer 95 views
can I apply medical laboratory in HND with my following results: c math c6,eng d7,sci c6, soc c5, chem d7, physics b3, biology c6, e math e8
asked Feb 14, 2016 anonymous
1 answer 240 views
Pls with the below listed results which program can I apply to uhas with this results #Social B3 #Science C5 #Core maths C5 #English C6 #Biology C5 #Elective maths C5 # Physics C6 #chemistry C6 # please which program can I apply for at uhas with the result.Thank you Amfree .
asked Feb 13, 2016 AWINBILLA
1 answer 75 views
wich course can offer at teachers trainin college wid de ff grades cm b3 sci b3 eng c5 soc b2 e.math c5 che c6 phy d7 bio d7 and pls can i do degree at de university and wich program plssss
asked Feb 11, 2016 in Education samwer in africa
1 answer 339 views
I need application forms cost 2016 for Pentecost university, Ghana technology university, Methodist university and how I can get their forms and how to submit them.
asked Feb 7, 2016 in Admissions/Recruitment ASIEYIE FREDERICK