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my gf told me her dad said he will seize her phone coz she doesnt sleep early,so she told me she will be sleeping early,we chat on whatsapp ,weneva its 10:10 shes tells me she shes is going to bed...we say good bye den we leave online...buh i have found out ... dasnt sleep early?she tells me she cant sleep...she tells me she loves me she cheating on me,playing me or lying to me
asked Mar 12, 2015 in Love and Relationship Ridwan Selom
1 answer 88 views
Please, I want to know if the University of Ghana have ever graduated a distance learning past students before. If yes, then which year. if no, then why.
asked Feb 17, 2015 in Admissions/Recruitment Godee
1 answer 172 views
Please Sir, can you tell me the closing date for UG distance learning registration or payments of fees. Cuz I got my admission letter on Friday but they did not give out the closing date for payments of fees or registration.
asked Feb 8, 2015 in Admissions/Recruitment Godee
1 answer 182 views
Please Sir, i want to know the time that 2014/2015 UG distance learning admission list be out
asked Feb 2, 2015 in Admissions/Recruitment Godee
3 answers 101 views
I'm seeing someone who I'm really into and have been considering having sex with this person for the first time. Now that I'm older (28) and more aware of the possible devastating outcomes from having unprotected sex, I would like to request that we both get tested ... honestly. There is no right or wrong response. I'm just curious as to how people would handle or have handled the same situation.
asked Dec 12, 2014 in Love and Relationship anonymous