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Please is Ghana Armed Forces Recruitment going on.
asked 1 day ago Oscar
0 answers 7 views
Will I gain admission to knust with English B3 Int sci B3 C Maths Novdec B3 Social B3 Gen Agriculture B3 Animal husb. B2 Chemistry C6 Emaths novdec F9
asked 1 day ago anonymous
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asked 3 days ago in Health CarlosaJoy
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asked 5 days ago anonymous
0 answers 18 views
Can I offer Bachelor of Arts in Education at Legon? With the following grades: English B3 Maths C5 Science C5 Social B2 Literature B3 Nov Dec Geography B3 Econs C4 Twi B2
asked 6 days ago in Admissions/Recruitment Yaa
0 answers 18 views
And please I need someone to talk to personally about a private issue
asked Nov 30 in Travel anonymous
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asked Nov 29 in Computers/Internet gutspy
0 answers 56 views
Is there any expat who want to have a massage here with happy ending from a ghanain local a lady for a moderate prices .
asked Nov 27 in Love and Relationship joyce1
0 answers 32 views
I want to register a Debt Recovery Company. I'm done with the registrar General Department registration and i don't know whether i need another body for certification or license. Also how can i be an Auctioneer?
asked Nov 26 in General Information anonymous
0 answers 54 views
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asked Nov 26 in Health Roniy row
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After graduating with a bachelor degree iin economics, is one eligible to work in a mining sector and if yes what specific work can be done in which department?
asked Nov 26 Prince
1 answer 40 views
What course can I offer at KNUST or Legon after studying French, Government , Geography and Economics in High School?
asked Nov 24 Caring
1 answer 34 views
Will you be exempted from some programs of icag after completing b.ed businesses studies (accounting option) and is the different between u and those who have written all levels.
asked Nov 23 in University of Development Studies anonymous