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To be accepted in a degree program in a Ghanaian university, the applicant must have aggregate 24 or better form 6 subjects. Three core subjects and three electives. The electives comprises of any of your best three and the core is english plus any other 2 core ... . In general if your best 6 subjects does not exceed 24 then you can get admission to any university irrespective of d7 or not
answered 5 days ago in General Information Richard Asante
1 answer 38 views
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Plz I had English-D7 Socialstudies-A1 core-maths-B2 science-C4 My electives I had E-maths-B2 Economics-B2 Business management-A1 Financial accounting-C6 Then I wrote novdec n had English language-D7 again Financial accounting-B3 Please with this result can I get an admission to study Economics or statistics or accounting in knust or legon or UPSA?
answered Dec 27, 2019 in General Information PHLOAT
1 answer 54 views
Is Wilson B Methodist Basic school a public school?
answered Nov 22, 2019 in General Information PHLOAT
1 answer 53 views
Thank you for your answer. She's working from April 2019 as a midwife in a Kyebi hospital, but until now she got no N.S. allowance. Is it possible that she will get no payment at all? She passed her training in 2018 at Midwifery ... Ahenkro. She has now no money for food and bills. https://askmeghana.com/82948/graduated-tertiary-students-payment-national-service-allowment?show=82987#a82987
answered Nov 22, 2019 in General Information PHLOAT
1 answer 91 views
It is about a girl 26 years old who finished her tertiary nursing
answered Nov 20, 2019 in General Information PHLOAT
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I need to send money from here in UK to a friend in Ghana. It is quite a lot of money £170 sterling. She has no bank account or paypal or similar and so an online money transfer is not possible. If I purchase international money order(s) for this amount at my ... this to her own local post office in Kumasi? If I send money in this form by normal postal service - will this be sufficiently secure?
asked Oct 14, 2019 in General Information anonymous
0 answers 82 views
asked Oct 10, 2019 in General Information anonymous
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