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1 answer 30 views
the kind of dress n shoe to wear Also sample of questions asked
answered Feb 12 in Travel ladyjulia
1 answer 30 views
can you contact me with a passport agent in kumasi/obuasi
answered Jan 14 in Travel PHLOAT
1 answer 34 views
Please, I had NVTI certificate,  am I qualify to USA DV lottery? 
answered Nov 8, 2017 in Travel PHLOAT
1 answer 68 views
I'm SHS graduate and I want to go to a flying school. I'm an art student
answered Aug 19, 2017 in Travel PHLOAT
1 answer 54 views
What is the fare from kumasi to tamale And how many hours will it take
answered Jun 15, 2017 in Travel PHLOAT
1 answer 69 views
Phloat my mother is a green card holder and she applied for a visa for my brother and i. the whole process began early 2014 and during that time we were all minors. In august 2015 we went to the embassy to have a DNA in September 2016 we went for an interview but ...  in US my case is still pending and I have not been denied. My main concern is when I check the status online it states REFUSED
answered May 9, 2017 in Travel PHLOAT
1 answer 50 views
This study shows that a very inexpensive laser platform, based on a CD/DVD unit in our case, can compete with high-power lasers for such applications.Htpow performed the first laser ablation surgery at the University of Minnesota last month.It increases the safety of the procedure ... from a laser pen . (http://www.htpow.com/200mw-green-laser-pointer-pen-532nm-belong-to-cass-llla-p-1003.html)
answered Apr 21, 2017 in Travel PHLOAT
1 answer 41 views
Please what is the fare from takoradi to Uds navrongo campus. Can I get direct car and how many days will I take to reach. What time do the car take off
answered Apr 4, 2017 in Travel PHLOAT
1 answer 117 views
What to do to win American lottery visa and when wil it come out for checking
answered Nov 24, 2016 in Travel baronita
1 answer 226 views
I want to travel to either Sweden, Norway, Canada or Dubai please what's the best travel and tour company would you recommend for me and what Will be cost . I leave here kumasi
commented Oct 17, 2016 in Travel AMhere
1 answer 293 views
is it good to travel abroad with WASSCE certificate to work.and is it possible to admission into any tertiary institution der with de ff grades geog b3 eng c6 maths c6 econs c4 social b2 science c5
answered Aug 8, 2016 in Travel AMhere
1 answer 96 views
How much will it cost for a passport.
answered Jul 9, 2016 in Travel David Baiden
0 answers 43 views
Spezialangebot HP Pavilion dv9000 Laptop Akku ,Vorabend des Frühlingsfestes,?Akku für Samsung Laptop Dalian ?ffentlichen multipliziert mit der 12 Hochleistungsmontage Chunlan haben Nickel-Metallhydrid-Batterien und-Management-System für Hybrid- Pkw. Es versteht sich, dass das Ende ... werden und erweitern die ganze Zeit. Akku HP Pavilion dv6500 http://www.laptopsakku.com/hp-pavilion-dv6500.html ,
asked Jun 25, 2016 in Travel fengqing
1 answer 66 views
Pls sir is Dambai and Ashaiman have the same metro mass station in accra or not? If no then where is Damabai metro mass station in Accra and is it far frm Ashaiman metro mass station pls sir I need d answer b4 tomorow 7 am.thank u
answered Jun 3, 2016 in Travel AMfree
1 answer 140 views
Pls sir is there any company at kotoka airport in accra called London links Company which deals with shipping,import and export of goods? Pls sir also check wherther this number is a true foreing number or a fruad 00447411411375.
commented May 13, 2016 in Travel Salifu Eliasu
1 answer 231 views
how would i pay to get a passport and a UK visa please?
answered Apr 26, 2016 in Travel AMfree
1 answer 75 views
Please I want to no how much will it cost me for a working visa nd a ticket
answered Mar 4, 2016 in Travel AMfree
1 answer 59 views
plz, I have heard that without a connection man or travel and tour companies, passports can last for 6months to 1yr and even more than that b4 ur passport will b ready.How true is it.And please my second question,how much will it cost me to get a US or Germany visa and the procedures I'm supposed to go through
answered Feb 29, 2016 in Travel AMfree
1 answer 131 views
Please can Ghana current passport holders traveling to Kosovo on visa free?
answered Feb 14, 2016 in Travel Askmeghana
1 answer 36 views
Pls what document must I have to enable me travel from Ghana to Nigeria by air and the processes involved in addition to any relevant information I should be aware of to make thing easy for me
answered Feb 8, 2016 in Travel AMfree
1 answer 118 views
When will the placement come out, And how can u see your placements?
answered Sep 21, 2015 in Travel AMfree
4 answers 20.4K views
Viewers can kindly mention the official date for the release of the results For instance, 00/00/2015
answered Sep 18, 2015 in Travel AMfree
1 answer 219 views
1 answer 126 views
pls,i want to know the procedures on how to obtain a residential permit in ghana as a nigerian..thanx
commented Aug 19, 2015 in Travel AMfree
0 answers 39 views
I'm be traveling solo to Accra for one week (after 2 weeks in S. Africa) in late October. Since I'll be alone, I thought it would be best to find a nice bed and breakfast where I can have a local contact and hopefully meet other tourists to explore the country with. Does this sound like a good plan? Please recommend safe accommodations, tours or other things to do. Thanks!
asked Jan 14, 2015 in Travel Minato
1 answer 40 views
hi guys!! i live in greece and i am going to participate in a voluntary program in ghana in july,, i would like to learn which is the cheapest way to go there..
asked Jan 14, 2015 in Travel AMhere
2 answers 35 views
i have been advised to get my money transferred to us money but am so confused on which way to go get travelers check in us or have a prepaid visa card
asked Jan 14, 2015 in Travel AMhere
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