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Watery eyes can be managed at home by following these self-care measures:

  • Do not rub your eye: If you think there is something inside your eye, never rub it.

    Rubbing your eye when you have a particle stuck in it may aggravate the discomfort and even lead to ocular damage.
  • Observe good hand hygiene: Make sure to touch your eyes only with clean, sanitized hands.
  • Use gentle heat therapy: If your eyes have turned extremely watery due to a blockage in the tear duct, placing a warm compress on the affected eye may help relieve some of the discomforts.

    The mild heat may help relieve the congestion in the tear duct and facilitate the drainage of the excess tears.
  • Wear contact lenses with caution: Make sure to remove your contact lenses before going to sleep and even before a short nap. It is best if you avoid wearing your contact lenses when swimming or showering.
  • Cover your eyes with protective eyewear: Wear protective sunglasses to shield your eyes from airborne debris and particles when venturing outdoors, more so if the weather is particularly windy or cold.

    Ask your optometrist to recommend appropriate eyewear for this purpose. Moreover, as watery eyes tend to be extra photosensitive, it is best to wear dark sunglasses to keep them comfortable in sunlight.
  • Clean your eyewear: Make sure to wipe your sunglasses and spectacles before putting them on.

    Wearing unclean eyewear can transfer the dust and other grime settled on it, to your eyes and face.
  • Keep your eyewear and eye products for personal use only: To minimize the risk of eye infection, it is recommended to keep your eye makeup and other eye products restricted to personal use.

    Sharing of eye products and eyewear is the easiest mode of spreading eye infections.
  • Use a mild eye cleanser: Rose water works as a gentle eye tonic and has found great use in remedying a wide array of eye-related problems.

    The efficacy of rose water in the prevention and treatment of ocular infections such as conjunctivitis can be attributed to its inherent analgesic and antiseptic properties. <a rel="
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