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Ask Apple or Google
The tech giants behind iOS and Android devices want to help you find the best apps out there. In fact, they've designed their digital stores around this principle.

When Apple released iOS 11, they included a redesigned iOS App Store, giving it a visual overhaul that makes it easier to see the best apps. Open the App Store on your phone, and you'll see it looks cleaner and more accessible than in its previous incarnation. Apple sorts everything into overarching categories, so select either the Games or Apps tab, depending on your objective. Within each of these sections, you'll find subcategories like "New Apps We Love" and "This Week's Favorites," which promote apps that Apple staff and regular users seem to like. Keep scrolling and you'll reach topical lists—around the holidays, for example, you might see games you can play with other people. Some of these lists target you specifically, based on items you've already downloaded. Browsing through these curated options can turn up great new apps.

On Android, you'll find a similar situation: Google's Play Store prominently displays the best new and classic apps for your enjoyment. Open the Play Store app on your phone to see staff picks, trending apps, and popular games. Further down, you'll find recommended apps, chosen for you because of your past phone activity. You can also browse through categories such as entertainment or phone-customization apps. Finally, you can check out the very top-rated apps and games to make sure you're not missing out on something good. However, the apps riding the highest in the charts tend to be big names that you may have already downloaded.