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Please when will novdec late registration end? How much does a paper cost and do I necessarily have to register at waec office, or I can register at any center?

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It will end in 15th August

Subject Fees
The subject fees are as follows:           
6 or more subjects … … GH¢250.00
5 subjects … … … GH¢238.00
4 subjects … … … GH¢225.00
3 subjects … … … GH¢210.00
2 subjects … … … GH¢201.00
1 subject … … … GH¢192.00
(2)     Fees for Oral/Practical/Project Work
Candidates who offer subjects with oral/practical/project work component will  pay additional fees as follows:
GH¢34.00 per subject for Practical
GH¢34.00 per subject for Project Work
GH¢24.00 per subject for Oral (English and French)

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