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I am in kumasi i am looking for job as network technician but one of my friend told me that it will not be easy for me to get a job by myself whilst I am a fresh graduate so I should see one of the recruitment agencies to help me out.i have tried it but I have went to about three recruitment agencies but on their forms they stated that I will give them first two mount half of my payment for to them.and again I will use fifty cedis for registration.pls I they using their master brain to take money from me.can you prescribe some of the recruitment agencies in kumasi that will help me or I should go by the ones I have seens me because I am so confuse

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The decision to go a recruitment agency solely depends on you. Peoples are using their connections and brains to earn a living. If you can can agree to their terms then you can go ahead. But what if you don't get the job, will hey refund the money to you. Think through and make a wise choice

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