i had soc c6,core maths c6,eng c4,science A1,geography b3,elective maths b3,chemistry c4,physics d7,can i apply for medical laboratory, computer science, dispensing technology at kumasi technical university, what are my chances of getting it.

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answered Jan 13 by efyareigner
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please your grade does not meet the cut-off point

  •    BSc Medical Laboratory Technology     09
  •    BSc Computer Science       15

but you can choose from the following;

(to serve only as a guide to applicants)

 15     BA Integrated Rural Art & Industry         21
 17     BFA Painting and Sculpture      22   
 41     BSc Mathematics     23
 48     BSc Physics     24
 52     BSc Meteorology & Climate Science     21
 56     BSc Sports and Exercise Science      21
 64     BSc Agriculture      24
 65     BSc Post Harvest Technology     24
 66     BSc Natural Resource Management     24
 67     BSc Forest Resources Technology     23
 68     BSc Landscape Design and Management     24
 70     BSc Agricultural Biotechnology     21
 71     BSc Dairy and Meat Science & Technology     23
 72     BSc Aquaculture and Water Resource Management     23


Admissions website: http://admissions.knust.edu.gh/
Tel:   03220-6183; 03220-60444

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