pls i want to know::i had c6 in core maths,c4 in English,c5 in science,c6 in Bm,c5 in econs and d7 in financial Accounting as my best six subjects.but Already I had an awaiting forms of UG to study Business Management,but as at now i have not had any notice.i want to know whether i was not qualified.if yes is there any other tertiary i can apply with my results?if yes let mii know pls.The other subjects are social d7 and e-maths d7.completed 2016.Help me pls with ur ideas

asked Sep 20, 2016 by Bernard Boah Bossor

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answered Sep 21, 2016 by AMfree

Universities do not accept d7 in your best six subjects.

The minimum grade in any of your best six subjects must be c6.

Since you had d7 in financial accounting as part of your best six, you will not likely get admission.

You have two options.

a. Apply for a diploma program at UCC, UEW, UDS or any polytechnic.

b. Apply to a Private university eg. All Nations University

Private universities might accept your d7 and give you admission but you will be made to resit that particular paper before you can graduate.
commented Oct 25, 2016 by anonymous
Also please refrain from using shorthand it really affects students especially in their final exams
commented Dec 14, 2016 by kojo Friedrick
please can't he apply for any
 course in any other institution by kojo

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