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can this results be qualified for applying health assistant training

asked Aug 12, 2016 in Health Assistant Training colleges by Abdul Amin Kangoan
edited Aug 12, 2016 by Abdul Amin Kangoan
Social studies b3 English c6 Marths d7 Science d7  Economics e8 History c5 literature f9 and Islamic religious studies f9

1 Answer

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answered Aug 12, 2016 by AMhere
please am sorry you don't qualify, you need three core and three elective subject, which should be A1 to E8, but with this you have all the core but the problem is the elective subject. please just resit all the subject and try your luck next year
commented Aug 13, 2016 by Abdul Amin Kangoan
What of if write private and had government d7 and add to it
commented Aug 13, 2016 by AMhere
if you get D7 you qualify to apply for community health nursing

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