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Has WAEC officially realesed the WASSCE 2016 results?

asked Aug 2, 2016 in Education by Gentlehomeboy
Hi Mr Saint. I learnt waec has realeased the wassce 2016 results. I want how how true is that? And was it officially announced if yes any source if no when are we to expect it?
commented Oct 11, 2016 by Tope
My waec withheld result has just been released with the help of Mr Austin ‘ I saw a comment about him on the internet on how he has been helping many student upgrading and releasing their held result ‘I decided to call him’ already I have already gotten admission and I was using awaiting result and they are asking me about it ,and I don’t no when waec will release result so I contacted Mr Austin and he told me to send all my exam details which I did and I did all what he ask me to do because I don’t no were to put my hope on and I have held so many time about him suprisngly he called me to go and check my result yesterday and I did , I checked the result and it was released he didn’t only release it he make sure I didn’t fail any subject
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1 Answer

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answered Aug 2, 2016 by AMhere
edited Aug 11, 2016 by AMhere
WAEC have release 2016 WASSCE result visit to check your result now. Check wassce statistics for 2016 here Thanks you
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