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Hafiz, check these out.
Full time Regular University Programmes (Accomodation fee and SRC Dues are Excluded)

Category of students Education Education Sc. Business IT/ICT
/Programmes /Humanities / Practicals Adm

Fresh Students GHS853.00 GHS913.00 GHS1200.00 GHS1,055.00
including fresh post
diploma students

Continuing students GHS559.00 GHS619.00 GHS1050.00 GHS740.00

Final Year students GHS764.00 GHS794.00 GHS1205.00 GHS1144.00
who are on Internship
/Industrial Attachment

Final Year students GHS738.00 GHS798.00 GHS1205.00 GHS1144.00
who are not on Internship
/Industrial Attachment

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