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The twi word for accuse can be any of the following words

bɔ nkuro,

yi ntɛn;

toto ano



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All the above answers are very close but wrong. the right answer is KWAADU. To accuse someone is :  BO NO KWAADU. Accusation = KWAADU BO.

For the anwers to your reply are as follows

1. NKURO: bo nkuro  or nkuro bo, are the samme as DEBATE or ARBITRATE.
2 .NT3N    : yi nt3n , or atenyi          are the same as    REPRIMANDE or  REBUKE.
2b. ATENBUO.....................................is    exactly           JUDGEMENT or CONDEMNATION.
3. TOTO ANO  or ANO TOTO           are the same as   INTERROGATION or INTERVIEW.

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