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Auxiliary Programmes

1.Community Health Nursing (CHN)
2.Environmental Health Officer (Environmental Health)
3. Field Technician (Community Health)
4. Health Assistant Clinical
5. Field Technician (Physiotherapy/Orthotics)
6. Field Technician (Optics)

1.Institutions offering Community Health Nursing (CHN)

Chnts Tanoso
Chnts Akim Oda
Chnts, Esiama
Chnts Ho
Chnts Jirapa
Chnts Navrongo
Chnts Winneba
Chnts Fomena
Chnts Tamale
Chnts Bole
Chnts Techiman
  1. Environmental Health Assistant (Environmental Health)

    School Of Hygiene, Tamale
    School Of Hygiene, Ho

3.Field Technician (Community Health)

College Of Health and Wellbeing
College Of Health Science
  1. Health Assistant Clinical

    Hats Asankragua
    Hats Asanta
    Hats Zuarungu
    Hats Damango
    Hats Dunkwa-On-Offin
    Hats Keta
    Hats Kokofu
    Hats Kpembe
    Hats Lawra
    Hats Mampong Ash
    Hats Nalerigu
    Hats Sefwi Wiawso
    Hats Sunyani
    Hats Tepa
    Hats Wa
    Hats Yendi
    Hats Teshie
    Hats Seikwa

5.Field Technician (Physiotherapy/Orthotics)

Physio/Orthotic School, Duayaw Nkwanta
  1. Field Technician (Optics)

    School Of Dispensing Optics, Oyoko

Requirements for Certifcate/Auxiliary Programmes





18 – 35 years

Overall Aggregate

A cut off aggregate score of Forty Eight (48) or better in six subjects, comprising 3 core and 3 elective

A cutoff aggregate score of Thirty Six (36) or better in six subjects, comprising 3 core and 3 elective

Core Subjects and Minimum Grades

AT LEAST credits(A1-E8)Â in three core subjects
i.e. English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.

AT LEAST Passes (A-E)Â in three core subjects
i.e English, Mathematics and Integrated Science.

Elective Subjects and Minimum Grades

AT LEAST passes (A1-E8)Â in three Elective subjects

AT LEAST passes (A-E)Â in three Elective subjects

Basic programmes leading to the award of a certificate/auxiliary are the following:

  1. Community Health Nursing (CHN)
  2. Field Technician (Environmental Health)
  3. Field Technician (Community Health)
  4. Health Assistant Clinical
  5. Field Technician (Physiotherapy/Orthotics)
  6. Field Technician (Optics)
  7. Field Technician (Health Information)

How to apply

Requirement to Fill Online Admission form

  Guidelines for filling online forms

Application forms can be filled directly online at: using your SCRATCH CARD NUMBER and PIN CODE.
1. Log onto
2. On the Programme Selection screen select the type programme you qualify for to apply. The options are

Basic Programmes (SSCE) - For applicants applying with only SSSCE results
Basic Programmes (WASSCE) - For applying with only WASSCE results
Post Basic Programmes - For applicants who are already health workers and would like to further their education.
  1. Scratch the card to reveal card no. and PIN
  2. Enter card details on login screen to gain access to the Application Form
  3. On the registration screen enter details as indicated
    NB. Fields marked with asterix (*) are mandatory.
  4. Click on Continue to go to confirmation page
  5. Check to see if information provided is accurate
  6. Click on Confirm if accurate or Edit if there are errors to return and make corrections
  7. Click on Printer Icon to print out form
  8. Fill and sign the declaration form and endorse it appropriately
  9. Post the printout and declaration form via EMS to the school of choice.
    NB. Indicate clearly, the programme you applied for at the back of the envelope
  10. Please ensure that you keep a copy of the form you send to the school for reference
    Please note you must not spend more than 30 minutes on a single page, or you will be automatically logged out.

        Purchasing Of Forms or Scratch Cards

    Application forms and scratch cards can be obtained at all Health Training Institutions and other designated sales points (Banks, Post Offices)
    Forms should be purchased at GH 60
    Completed Forms must be returned to the school of choice either in person or by courier (Fedex), not later 31st April, 2014.

        Submission of Completed Application Forms

    Completed application forms can be posted or submitted to the school of choice as follows:

    Use a large sized envelope for postage to the school of choice
    Self-address two quarto size envelopes to enable the college of choice communicate with you.

    The completed application form must be accompanied with the following:

    Photocopies of result slips/certificates
    Two self-addressed quarto size envelopes
    Admission Conditions

    Short listed candidates will be required to attend a selection interview, after which successful candidates will be offered admission.
    Admission is subject to passing a medical examination, thus candidates will be expected to undertake a medical examination at any recognized government hospital.
    All applicants admitted into any Ministry of Health /Mission Institution will be expected to sign a bond with Government of Ghana to serve for a number of years after training. Further information on this can be obtained from the Human Resource for Health Directorate of the Ministry of Health.
    Admission of serving officers (to post basic programmes) is subject to approval from Head of Institution / Agency.

    Special Notice

    District Assemblies are encouraged to offer bursaries to candidates into any Health Training Institution. This is aimed at supporting those candidates during training so that they will be deployed to the respective Districts to work after their training.
    The Ministry of Health has developed operational guidelines for District Assembly Support and the guidelines have been disseminated to all District Assemblies.
    List of shortlisted candidates will be published:

    on the application website at
    at candidates school of choice


Hello, Please i love to be a nurse but i couldn't finish my wassce. so can i still get admission or not?
Can you explain what you mean by you did not finish WASSCE in a new question please.
Pls I have my wassce results now but I had maths f9 only on my results the rest are good can I be considered pls
Sorry but you cant apply  with f9 in maths
Please I had D7 and E8 in science and mathematics respectively..can I apply for admission this year please
Hello, i had D7 in Core Mathematics and two of my electives Elective Mathematics and Economics. Can i still apply for any HAT college please?
please,i completed senior high school the 2008,can i still apply for the Hats program
Hello please i had C6  in English D7 in science and F9 in core Maths am i qualified to nurses training moreover i have written NovDec for the core Maths  weill i gain admission if i get  C6 D or E?
Pls my junior sis is having D7 in core maths can she get admission into Diploma nursing ..pls

1 Answer

0 votes

Please I want to know if the polytechnics are still accepting e8 and d7 for the HND programmes in the year 2015/2016 

Ruth yes they are still accepting but only for science students to be able to do the access programme.
asked Feb 11, 2016 in WASSCE QUESTIONS by EMMA Teacher training college
Please l offered agriculture science but had wassce d7 in e-math   can I offer applied science at poly
Please I had D7 in English and I passed the other subjects with A1 - C4. can I go to the nursing school?
Pls I had C6 and D7 in my wassc result can I appeared four nursing or midwifery
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