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Does Geumero Android app really gives ghana mobile numbers of anyone?

asked Jun 19, 2015 in Computers/Internet by App user

i have seen that app on the playstore and  i want to download it, but is there any chance any ghanaian has downloaded it?

It says it gives you number of anybody who has a ghanaian number- Tigo, Mtn, Vodafone,Airtel

this is the app i am talking about == Geumero or

here is some screenshots from the playstore




commented Jul 3, 2015 by App user
edited Jul 17, 2015 by App user
commented Oct 13, 2015 by NaN
probably used to generate random numbers... not people's numbers in particular
commented Nov 18, 2015 by App user
i got soo many numbers, some of them where even on whatsapp etc etc. did you try it?

1 Answer

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answered Jun 19, 2015 by AMfree

Nice App bro

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