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For many, prayer is infrequently used and only in the most extreme circumstances. Some people only pray when they go to church (which might be once or twice a week). Others only pray when something bad happens, or something goes wrong in their life. There is a way for Christians to develop a prayerful life beyond the mundane, average prayers that are few and far between.

Step One: Make prayer your first priority at the beginning of your day.
As you begin developing a prayerful life, a very simple way to do so is to begin your day with prayer. Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, breathe a prayer of thanksgiving for another day. All too often, the morning is thrown into high gear and before you realize it, the day is done and you still haven't met with God in prayer.

Step Two: Become conscious of the frequency of your conversations with God.
Are you aware of how little, or how often, you talk with God? Complacency can cause an uncaring attitude. When you live a prayerful life, you become fully aware of the amount of time you spend with God.

Step Three: Build a relationship with God.
Although this point may seem a bit absurd, you cannot develop a relationship with someone unless you spend time with them and get to know them. That is what a prayerful life is: developing a closer walk with God. As you seek to know Him more, you will become more prayerful throughout every waking moment of the day.

Just as there are ways to develop your prayer life, there are also things that will prevent you from achieving this. Such hindrances include the following:

1) A rotten attitude. Everyone struggles with keeping their attitude in check at times. There will always be something that you don't like, or someone that does something you don't agree with. However, you can't allow these feelings to lead to ruining your attitude.

2) A jealous spirit. Envy is a terrible task master. It will cause you to say and do things you might not ordinarily even consider doing. Jealousy will drive a wedge between you and God.

3) A lying tongue. If you want to live a prayerful life, you won't do it by talking about or lying about others; this includes gossiping. Speaking untruths about others will drive you even further from God. So if you are wanting a closer walk with Him, you have to lay this aside and speak only what edifies the body of Christ.

In closing, it is possible to pray always and in everything. Begin by giving thanks. Follow that with praise and worship. Bring your requests to the Lord, expecting Him to answer and provide what is needed, according to His will. To live a prayerful life requires diligence, patience, and desire. When you crave a closer walk with Him, you will begin to seek Him with all your heart. As you begin to walk prayer-minded, patience will help you walk in faith

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