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Pls can i know all the process involved in swearing affidavit in court and publishing a gazette.pls i need all the detailed process involved.... Thank U

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Osei, I believe you request for such information because you want to change your name or correct some information like date or birth etc? if the answer is yes then follow this process

There are three steps for obtaining a legal name change in Ghana. To begin,

  1. a person must possess proof, such as a birth certificate, of their current name. With this evidence the person must then take it to swear an affidavit before the Commission of Oaths, at a Ghanaian court.

  2. Once this is done the individual must then go to the Office of the Judicial Secretary, where the affidavit is signed/endorsed.

  3. For the third and final step the individual must have the changed names published in the Ghanaian Gazette. It is only after the new name is gazetted that it is considered legally changed.

The Company authorized by the government of ghana to publish a gazette is Called Ghana Publishing Company. You can locate them on the Barnes Road, Adjacent Accra Polytechnic & directly opposite Novotel Hotel, Accra

Merry Xmas,

please does any of these processes incur any costs?

The last step (publication of the name change will cost about 100ghs)
Pls Wat if I didn't publish my new name ? Will is affect me
Please what if you currently dont have a birth certificate, are you going to do a new one in the name of the current name or the name you want tot change to?
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@Anonymous ,pls do what Amfree said and you will be fine.Stop the easy way out.

make sure you don't lie under oath which is punishable by law.Give correct reasons for the change of name.

publish a gazette.Affidavit alone can not change your legal name given to you at birth

to answer your last question.If you don't have birth certificate currently, You will need to go to birth and death registery with any documents bearing your old name and add the gazette copy to it as well.They will tell you what to do.Always follow due process, no need to do things your own way but the correct way.Birth certificate must and always contain name given to you at birth,not a changed name.You only need to attach gazette to ur birth certificate containing your old name when you want to use your birth certificate for official purpose.The purpose of the gazette is to tell whoever is receiving the birth certificate that you have had a change of name.

but consult birth n death office and find out if it is " legally" possible to use your new name instead of you birth given name and they will help you out
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