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1. Sometimes iphone connection software( espescially on the camera roll) can be confused with software from other drivers such as webcam drivers. LOGITECH ESPESCIALLY
2. If you do have logitech installed or any other webcam then uninstall all software from this.
3. To do this : Go to start, control panel, add/remove programs and select the logitech or any other software affiliated with the webcam . Uninstall it and then restart your computer.
4. Your problem should now be fixed.

p.s. I had been trying for ages until i found this simple solution which worked instantly.

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This is annoying, with the older generation iPhones, there is a program that grabs the photos off the phone! Why is it with the NEWER better iPhone that we have to delete everything before connecting? I've been doing this since I bought the phone... has no one come up with a solution to the problem other than just emailing and deleting? It takes a lot of time to send 25 pictures to yourself one by one and then delete them all just to add a new album or app to the phone... Any other techy help? To FIX it, not "cover it up with newspaper", so to speak??

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A couple of things to try.

Try resetting the iphone by holding down the home button and the power button at the same time until you see the apple logo.

Also, if you have any photos that you have taken with the iphone still on the iphone, email them you yourself then delete them off the iphone.

Once you have emailed them to yourself, delete them off the iphone and connect to computer.
Worked for me.

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